Are Visa Credit Cards Better Than Master Cards?

The point itself is not that important – are VISA cards better than MASTER credit cards for both of them are just payment gateways. That means when you pay through a VISA card, it is VISA which is paying money on your behalf and when you pay through MASTER card, it is MASTER which is paying on your behalf. And when you repay the credit amount to the bank on the end of each month, the repaid amount goes back to the subsequent debt payer.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

Whether VISA is good or MASTER depends entirely upon the country where the card is being used. In a country like India, VISA is more acclaimed than the MASTER card which means it is more widely accepted than a MASTER Card. So, when Indian Credit card companies launch a credit card, they prefer to launch a VISA card for Indian Markets.

However, when it comes to Global markets, credit card companies offer MASTER cards as a better option than VISA, especially when traveling to European countries. The reason is the same as above – MASTER credit cards are more accepted in European Countries than other countries.

Major VISA credit cards in India include those offered by Credit Card majors like HDFC bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered, Bank Of Baroda, Bank of India, State Bank of India, Indian Bank…. And so on.

Be it a Master card or a Visa Card – both of them offer the same facilities like balance transfer, lower interest rates, loan on credit statement, life insurance, dismounts, waivers, special privileges in restaurants, hotels and bars and so on. The whole sole point is that – whenever you take a credit card, take the one which is widely accepted in your own country and if you are taking it for an overseas trip, then take the one which is widely accepted there to avoid any kind of hassle.

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