Promotional Desktop Items – In Office and Out

When most businesses think of promotional products, they think of those items that they give to customers and potential clients to help promote their business. While this is an important function of promotional items, it is not the only function. Promotional desktop items function well within the office environment, as well as when given as gifts to clients.

Promotional desktop items include products like clocks, business card holders, coffee mugs, coasters, paperweights, mouse pads, sticky notes, notepads and frames, among others. By purchasing these products for your employees with your company’s logo on them, you ensure that your company’s information is displayed at all times on each employee’s desk.

You can use some more expensive desktop items as incentives within your business. For instance, office refurbishment company if you regularly reward employees serving for five or ten years, provide them with the gift of a promotional clock or photo frame for their desks. Not only have your rewarded their hard work, but you have also provided an opportunity for business promotion. With the right promotional products, you can turn every desk in your office into a working billboard advertising your business, all while boosting the morale of your workforce.

Of course, some promotional desktop items work well for customer giveaways as well. Printed notepads with your company’s logo or promotional letter openers, for instance, are items that customers are likely to use. You can put these out at trade shows or fairs as freebies to entice customers to your booth and product displays. Many customers will appreciate receiving an item that is different from the items offered by the rest of the companies with booths at the show.

The key to successfulness when using promotional desktop items is using them thoughtfully. Most of these items are pricier than your promotional pens or office supplies. Choose venues to distribute them in which the audience will receive them well, and choose products that fit the needs of the people you intend to give them to. The more often an item is used, the more often it can promote and grow your business.

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